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tv   Action News 500 PM  ABC  July 9, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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this fire under control as the smoke continues to billow, we know at this point that one person is reported injured from this fire. no word of the extent of the injuries or whether they were a firefighter or a resident or someone working there. details are coming into us from the delaware county police and firefighters on the scene, it started out smaller and has spread to other wings of the home. we know the following details, it happened 45 minutes ago, the 200 block of windham lane in wayne. they are doing what they can but it's still not under control. we are covering the aftermath of last night's powerful summer storms. several vehicles and folk's properties were damaged by last night's strong storm and power outages remain in tens of thousands of houses right now. adam joseph is here wtd with the
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latest on threats and the thunderstorm warning was issued this afternoon. for almost the entire viewing area with the exception of cape may county. that means the potential is there and that means warning, that is when severe weather is happening, a watch until 10:00 and again local damaging winds is the culprit for any of these storms that fire back. double scan live work are seeing some of the storms in the western suburbs and the northern parts of maryland march to the east, 451 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes. we don't have the solid line of storms, we saw last night that was marching across the state of pennsylvania, they are now just trying to form together. as we look at double scan live closer, this particular storm moving north and east of edgewood, this produced heavy rain, and winds. it could clip the central part
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of newcastle county and windy hills 5:39 and red lion at 5:34, if that holds together that is the one storm we are watching that is severe at the present time. what to expect here is the storms are scattered, they are not as widespread as they were last night. we see wind damage in the area, and they are scattered in the region, isolated wind gusts of up to 70 miles per hour, and quarter-size hail and the thunderstorm watch is in affect until 10:00 in most of our area. we'll look at the weekend in the seven day in a little bit. >> adam thank you, meantime storms last night blew threw with wicked winds that toppled power lines, john rawlins has the story from radnor. a fast moving storm that moved through with strong wind gusts, most were tall, shade trees like that one.
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there was a maple tree that was horizontal, that brought down the power lines that brought down the utility pole that brought down the lights. >> i heard a big kaboom and i knew something went down and everything was out. >> it didn't seem that bad, windy and a little bit of rain, the next thing i heard this big bang and the power went off and i looked out -- >> homeowner sandy draper discovered it was one of her large trees that fell on the power lines, with such force that the utility pole snapped in two. down the street this tree fell on a house last night. a crane and chainsaws were used to lift off a section of the tree. big trees around the suburbs, in radnor 33 trees closed road and county closed 22 of them
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quickly. the rest of them must weight for peco. folks here are told that the return of power could be days away. >> they griffing us an estimate of friday evening, it's going to be a long 48 hours, the wait for peco to come and untangle this mess, neighbors hope that is sooner rather than later. in radnor, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> storm cleanup is going on all day, in the mt. airy section today. a large tree uprooted and crushed the cars beneath it. >> and a storm knocked out this join tree in greenville, delaware on buck road, it forced several utility poles to come crashing down and the road was blocked to drivers for most of the day. and the news on this continues on our 6 abc news app. we are updating power outages
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for you as the lights come back on, meantime accuweather and storm tracker 6 is there for you the next time storms head our way. two arrests are made in the delaware county hit and run that badly injured a man. christopher brooks was hit and suffered severe injuries even lost his right leg below the knee, the delaware county d.a. says that mccray was allegedly the driver of the ford truck that hit brooks and that windchimer helped him hide the vehicle after the incident. from our delaware newsroom, a man is expected to be charged forever stealing an suv and crashing it into a public bus, this unfolded this morning in wilmington. eva pilgram is on the scene at 35th and washington street. eva what is the latest.
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>> sharrie you can see they cleaned up the most part of this crash scene, all that is left is greenery that is pushed over after a stolen you've crashed into a dart bus, the driver's quick thinking minimized the damage and probably saved lives this morning. this is what residents at 56th and washington woke toup this morning. >> a crash and bank and a looked out the wide wi don't and was surprised to see a dart bus in my front yard. >> investigator says that the crash happened after the driver of the suv ran a stop sign and t bones the bus. they say that the suv came out of nowhere. i know i felt the bus turn and i ended up over here. police had been looking for this suv after it was taken during a
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reported carjacking early this morning. they saw it, operating a little eratcly, trying to catch up to it. by that time it had collided with a dart bus. the driver of the suv was trapped inside and rescue crew his to cut the 21-year-old man out. he was taken to an area hospital. both driver and passenger were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the before us driver came back to the scene today to see what happened. >> i am glad i was able to walk away from the bus. i got away with minor injuries. neighbors were amazed that the damage wasn't worse, crediting the bus driver, an 18 year veteran. >> i assumed my car was hit but when i came out here it wasn't hit. >> the driver had lightning
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reflexes, the bus driver handled it well by maneuvering it between the houses and cars. >> neighbors have gathered around the shrub here where the bus actually stopped. they are thankful that nobody else was hurt and property was damaged. >> the name of the suspect that allegedly stole that suv has not been released yet but we know according to police he say convicted felon and they plan at some point to bring charges against him. eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you eva. also, from delaware a bad afternoon for the driver of this car in bear. police say that the 67-year-old man lost control at route 17 and red lion road plunging into this retention pond. the driver swam to safety and is okay and now the tough job is left to tow truck operator, greg
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vick, to wade out into deep water and he earned his pay today. the port authorities of new york and new jersey are warning easy pass users to beware of an email phishing exam, it tries to collect unpaid tolls and it tries to replicate the easy pass logo, while they send out invoices through the postal mail, the bogus email should be delet deleted. time for a check of our traffic report midweek, lets go live to matt pellman live at the traffic center. >> very emails i would like to delete, this is one of the things i would like to get rid of. a crash on 95 in delco here by 320, it just happened minutes ago and is taking out the right lane, creating backed up conditions. in chester county, they are
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working all day to get rid of all the downed trees and wires and they are blocking 113 between 401 and chester springs, they have reopened 103, and lets go outside to oaks montgomery county, on the westbound side. on egypt road, it's blocking egypt road with emergency crews on the scene and they have put down sand to soak up the fluid on egypt road, and there is a bunch of storm damage in northern delaware, thompson bridge road gets you around that and the traffic light troubles are blocking the northbound lanes of the pike, blocked at dupont road and monica and sharrie we'll check it again in the 5:30 after hour. >> thank you. >> 6 abc is getting you fit by eating more fruits and vegetables, next in health check, ali gorman has more tips
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to get the healthy stuff into your daily diet. >> and cecily tynan is live at the philadelphia zoo. hi cecily. >> hi guys, coming off the 4th of july weekend we are celebrating american animals, this is kip, a royal tom turkey. i will show off for everyone. the royal tom turkeys first appeared in florida back into the 1920s, ben franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird but lost out to the bald eagle. >> don't introduce kip to blacky, that won't work out. all of that and more next at 5:00.
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we have an update for you on the main line fire in wayne on win ham lane. apparently a plan working on a car in his garage spilled gas and it was that gas that caught on fire, and that is the man that is the one person injured we are told. firefighters have knocked out many of the flames, they are
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spraying water on a hot spot and it's at least getting better, we know it's a man, apparently someone that was working on the car and that is what ignited the fire. a serious situation but it appears to be getting better. news on health check, if have you joined the 6 abc get fit challenge, it's time to eat your recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. and it's not as difficult as you may think. >> hi ali. >> last week we postd this challenge to eat more fruits and vegetables, we get a lot of great posts like this one on instagram. showing her healthy breakfast. and we have easy ways to complete the latest challenge. >> we'll be prepping a lot of fruits and vegetables, chopping them up. >> at the 11th street health
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clinic they are focusing on vegetables and getting them into the meal. jennifer warsaw says it comes down to planning. first, put out a fruit bowl, seeing it will make you more likely to eat it. second comes prep work whether it's fruits or veggies, cleaning it you and cutting it and making it readily available. >> and packing it, as she cleans up dinner she packs healthy snacks for the next day. add a healthy dip. >> peanut butter or soy nut burter or hummus is another protein rich fat to add to your diet. or a mashed up avocado, if you have raw veggies -- >> many people tend to over or under estimate service sides,
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one serving of raw veggies is a cup and cooked is a half cup. >> that is two servings there. if you don't like measuring, try to fill half your plate with fruits and veggies, upping your intake of these low calorie and high density foods has an affect on the body. you eat less of the processed foods and are you losing weight. planning is key, to figure out how many fruits and vegetables you should be eating we have this calculator at don't forget to post your healthy pictures, #~ 6 abc gets fit. >> great ideas, yummy tips.
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eight auto makers are being affected by issues with airbags and because of it, honda officialed have announced a major recall. ford, chrysler, nissan and mazda
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and ford again, are also affected. honda announced a recall today for 1 million cars because of the faulty airbags this is in edition because of millions of vehicles that are recalled for the same problem. 100 new homes are getting the chance to serve again in mown holly, new jersey, it's meet place in west rancocas in burlington county, they are at 1 kirby court, the first phase of
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all right time for accuweather at the "action news" big board, meteorologist, adam joseph is here and a thunderstorm warning to keep an eye on. >> towards the poconos and the northern part of northampton county until 6:00. this particular storm has produced some hail and some strong winds as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan, again with a vertical and w horizontal scan we can slice these storm, this is the 30,000 foot level in the atmosphere, it's high enough to tap into the colder air between 20,000 and 30,000 feet.
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that is supporting the hail with this particular storm. as we look at the hail mode on double scan live, the pockets near 209 and also route 33 just to the north and west, those are the hail cores, about an inch in diameter. this lifts towards shrouds berg in the northern part of northampton and pushing to the east-northeast. we have to watch that particular storm and there is a clustder of storms not severe and developing at downtown reading and a few lightning strikes and rain with that, and kutztown a downpour passing through about two lightning strike there's. this is pushing towards wakefield and kirkwood and southern chester county, but it looks like this is beginning to fall apart. good news with that particular downpour and trying to develop into a thunderstorm. as we look at the temperatures,
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88 in philadelphia and 87 dover and 88 in philadelphia. a severe thunderstorm watch is in affect for the entire viewing area until 10:00 and the watch means the potential is there when the storms develop to turn severe limits with locally damaging windses and the possibility of some of that hail. future tracker at 6:00, we don't vtd solid squall line we had last night. it's a little more scattered but where they hit they hit hard. you see pocket as long i-95 and that continues through the 11:30 hour as well. it's something we follow even beyond that 10:00 hour during the overnight hours, as we look at your five-day at 5:00, sun and clouds for the next few days, more cloud cover in the lehigh valley and less humid in the upper 80s and saturday partly sunny and 87 and the humidity returns on sunday with a late thunderstorm and 88 and unsettled with numerous
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downpours, and 88 degrees, meteorologist cecily tynan is at the philadelphia zoo hanging out with american type animals, what have you got going on now? >> you got to be kidding me. >> that is why i didn't tell you. this would make him scream, this is alice, a northern pine snake. these are found in the pine barrens of new jersey as well as the southeast united states, they like the dry, sandy soil and they can grow as long as eight feet, but alice is not that big. we'll be feeding blacky, it's
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"action news" at 5:00 continues tonight we are following that developing story out of radnor county, crews are on the scene of that large house fire and firefighters are getting the upper hand here, officials tell "action news" that the homeowner was the one working on his truck in the garage and accidentally spilled gas that then ignited. the homeowner was injured and take and to the hospital.
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authorities are not commoning on his condition. they will have the latest for us coming up on "action news" at 6:00. buckling walls and cracking wall sups have neighbors demanding action by the city, they say the owner of the home and clinton street is putting their homes in jeopardy, chad pradelli is live in the neighborhood with more. >> reporter: this is the support system put in place, it really reenforced the facade on clinton, you can see the bowing of the front of this home and now it ex tended to this neighbor here and she says her home is buckling now and it's all because of this shoddy construction done by this homeowner without a


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